March 30, 2008

Mmmalabrigo glovies

So I was successful in squeezing out a pair of fingerless mitts from the little tiny bit of Malabrigo leftover from the Koolhaas hat. I weighed the yarn I had left and it was 1.20oz. At 215 yards per 3.5 oz that’s just under 75 yards. Not a lot of yarn to work with….
75 yard fingerless mitts
But they turned out really nice! And I even had about 2 yards left over. Here’s what I did:

75-Yard Mmmalabrigo Fingerless Mitts:
a small amount (75ish yards, 1.20 oz) of Malabrigo.
Size 7 & 8 Double Pointed Needles
A stitch holder
A stitch marker for marking the beginning of the round and 2 other stitch markers for marking increases

Cast on 32 stitches with size 8 needles. Join for knitting in the round being careful not to twist.
Work K2, P2 rib for 9 rounds. (the cuff was a little bit short – if you have more yarn you might want to make this a bit longer)
Knit 2 rounds plain.

Setup Round: K16, Place Marker, Increase 1, K1, Increase 1, Place Marker, Knit to end of round
Round 1: K around slipping all markers
Round 2: K around slipping all markers
Round 3: K to first marker, slip marker, increase 1, K to next marker, Increase 1, Slip Marker, K to end of round.

Repeat rounds 1-3 until you have 13 stitches between the markers – row 18 since the end of the ribbing.

Next Round: K around slipping all markers
Next Round: K to first marker, remove marker, Bind off 12 stitches, remove marker, knit to end of round.

Knit 7 rounds plain.
Work 4 rounds in K2, P2 ribbing
Switch to size 7 Double Pointed Needles
Work 5 more rounds
Bind off loosely in pattern.

Weave in ends and block if desired. Repeat for second mitt.

And to update you on Matt’s coworkers… He gave this set to the guy with the cold ears today:

And everyone – especially the one who thought that handknit hats suck – was impressed. Mission Accomplished.

Oh and mmmalabrigo march isn’t over just yet. I have a couple more projects brewing:
dreams of spring hats
dreams of spring hat
More info (and possibly patterns) tomorrow!


  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing your pattern, I may have to give it a try before the month is over.

    And that pink/red and green hat is to die for. I love it!

  2. Aw, they're the cutest pair of mitts ever! Love the colorwork stuff, especially the white and blue hat. The bits of dark blue in it are perfect!

  3. What awesome hats and cute mitts. It's great how you managed to use up every bit of that yarn and have a matching set, too.

  4. I love the colorwork hats! You choose great colors. I may make the blue and white one for Michael's sister. I want to make her something impressive...

    Those mitts are a great match to the hat! Wasting Malabrigio would be a shame!

  5. Ha! Take that Mr. Anti-Handknit! Mission accomplished indeed! :)

    Oh oh oh! I LOVE that blue and white hat! So pretty!

  6. Very cool. Disconcerting as hades, but I made about 4 pair of very similar mits in the exact malabrigo colorway (tiny planet).

    The hats are gorgeous and its good to see others stuck in Malabrigo madness. (Honestly, I just want enough to knit a sleeping bag and I'll wander the streets in it happy as a clam.)

  7. Ooh you are squeezing in those last minute Mal March projects! Me too! ;op

    Luv hats!!! Can't wait for the details!

  8. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Yeah for the prove Matt right hand and mitts! They look totally fantastic. Love the stranded knitting too, especially the red and green hat.

  9. I'll bet you knocked his socks off with that beautiful hat and the mitts --uh, oh. He might ask for socks next!

    The Fair Isle hat looks wonderful.

  10. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Wow! Fantastic. I have some Violetta I think that is the perfect pattern. Thanks for sharing! You're so talented.

  11. Do you these would fit a woman as well as a man? I want to make them for my sister.

  12. I wanted to thank you for writing this pattern. I made a pair of these mitts yesterday and have another pair on the needles right now!

  13. Love these! I was looking for something quick and satisfying to knit because I'm sort of needing a break from my sweater. These are so fun! And perfect for the fall. Thanks for creating and sharing!

  14. Hi!

    I'm hoping you can help me with these. I don't live near anyone who can tell me what I'm doing wrong with this pattern and I've only been knitting for a short time. I rely on youtube videos mostly and the occasional quick tip from a friend (when she has time). I want to make these for several friends for Christmas and thought I would practice with yarn I had on hand. This perhaps was my first mistake. I used yarn that called for size 3 needles. Am I right? I also used size 7 double points for the entire project. Is it necessary to use size 8 and 7 as the pattern calls for? I have other concerns, but I feel bad bothering you.

    Thank you! Maddie

  15. I want to try mittens! Thanks for sharing the pattern

  16. I still recommend this pattern to people constantly. I have it memorized. Thank you.

  17. Thank you for posting this! I'm making a pair right now, and I'm amazed how quickly they knit up, and I like the clever thumb gusset. :-)

  18. Hola !Si hay alguna latina cerca... me gustaria preguntar algobasico pero que no comprendo que significa la letra K puesta al principio de todas las instrucciones ? Sorry but i dont understand and thanks

  19. Anonymous4:18 PM

    I found this pattern on ravelry and am working on my second pair-- fingerless gloves are a bit of an addiction and these are just my speed. Thanks so much!

  20. Thank you!!I'll made it for my boyfriend ^-^


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