January 31, 2016

Yarn and... teeth.

So I know it's been crickets around here lately.  Because yarn.  ALL THE YARN.  SO MUCH YARN.

Giant order of yarn.  Only one of the many things I've been working on.

If you're interested in the yarn you can check out my new website - Destination Yarn - or follow along on the social medias (instagram, facebook, ravelry) for some behind the scenes type fun.

Releasing my colorways as collections.  Super fun way to approach a color story.
BUT ANYWAYS.  I had to dust off the blog today because today was a big milestone for us.  Our very first child lost her very first tooth:

Lost tooth

Which, ICK.  I mean Yay.  How fun! But also ICK.

lost tooth

So the tooth fairy will be coming tonight.  There's some debate as to how much she will bring (her friend got $8.  Which 8 x 20 teeth x 3 kids = $480 of NOPE) and if she will come for every single tooth.  But we'll figure it out.

Lost tooth

And in case you want to tear up about the passage of time here's a picture from when she first got that tooth:

One Year Portrait
SHE WAS SO LITTLE AND A BABY AND TIME FLIES GAAAAAH.  Also look at the pretty Destination Yarn sweater.  I wonder if that still fits her at all...
Well that was fun.  Hopefully it won't be another 2 months before I blog again.

November 10, 2015

Fall Run Cowl.

So check out the pretty cowl that I knit - the Fall Run Cowl:

Fall Run Cowl
I LOVE it.  It's big and drape-y and so very very FALL.

Fall Run Cowl
I've been wearing it constantly since I finished it a couple weeks ago.

Fall Run Cowl
cheesy with a z picture of me in the cowl.  It's tough photographing yourself!
So the backstory... I dyed up a batch of yarn using the same stipple dye / layering technique as my wildly popular "Color Run" colorway with a palette limited to autumn colors:
fall run - souvenir - 05

I snagged a skein for myself directly from the dye pots b/c MINE.  MINE.  ALL MINE.

fall run - souvenir - 04
I knew I wanted to knit a big cowl that I could wear all season... but I wasn't sure that one skein of DK would be enough.  And the rest of that dye lot sold out before I could steal another skein for myself.  So I dug through my pile of yarn that I can't sell for whatever reason (knots or tangles or weirdness with the dye) and came up with this combo:

Then I spent hours on ravelry trying to find the perfect pattern.  I knew I wanted something that showed off each color individually because they are both beautiful on their own:

Fall Run Cowl
I definitely did not want stripes.  After knitting two Chasing Rainbows shawls in a row I'm OVER stripes.  However I'm lazy and didn't want to do any intense colorwork or follow any charts or any of that.  So I wanted to only knit with one color at a time... but NOT have the result be stripes.

Fall Run Cowl
Seems Legit.
I also wanted it to have some texture - like the woods in the fall.

Fall Run Cowl

I wanted it to be big enough to wrap around my neck twice.  But not so crazy big that I couldn't wear it only looped once:

Fall Run Cowl

In the end I came up with my own design.  Because nothing was exactly what I wanted.  I'm so, so, SO happy with the result:

Fall Run Cowl
Yay fall!

Anyways I just put the pattern up on Ravelry and I"m offering it free through this Friday.


(edited to add - to get the pattern for free just click that link and add it to your Ravelry store - when you check out it will ring up as free!)

The yarn to knit this is also available in the Destination Yarn Shop. My cowl is knit out of the Fall Run and Pine Forest colorways although I think just about any combination would look great.  The texture and the not-stripes really works well with variegated yarns:

Fall Run Cowl
Yay for a new cowl and a new pattern!

PS - if any of your are in the Pittsburgh area I will be at the Indie Knit and Spin there this weekend.  Come and say hi!

Fall Run Cowl

October 29, 2015

Unblogged Fall.

So!  It's full on fall.  I love fall.  Knitting!  And leaves!  And adventure! I love blogging about fall.  And this fall I have so much to blog about and have done none of it.  Things like the first day of school:

First Day of First Grade!


First day of school!

Went by without a notice.  Same with the awesome adventures we've taken... like apple picking:

Apple Picking
Apple Picking
ADORABLE.  So many great pictures of the kids in the apples.  Because it was the first time in... ever?  That I was there without a kid strapped to me in a carrier.  Totally insane.

Apple Picking
No one wants us to carry them.  WHAT IS THIS LIFE???
Or the Athens Area Fiber Fair - I went with my daughter and my mom for a Girls Trip:

Athens Area Fiber Festival
It was fun having helpers:

Athens Area Fiber Festival

Or the possibly insane road trip Matt and I took for our friend's baby shower:

Sarah's baby shower
18 hours in the car for 48 hours with these people?  WORTH. IT.

Sarah's baby shower

I'm surprised that one didn't motivate me to blog considering that my knitting matched the trip:

Sarah's baby shower
I love it when my knitting matches the trip.
Sarah's baby shower

There have been unblogged firsts - like the dude's very first soccer league:

First Soccer Game
He LOVES it.  And running round outside as a member of a team is SO what this kid needs.  He's the type of kid who will always have to be in lots of activities b/c he cannot handle boredom.

First Soccer Game
My mom took him to a practice while Matt and I were on the road and she summed it up perfectly "They seem to just be running as fast as they can in circles"
First Soccer Game


And so much unblogged adorable it's hard to handle.  Tiny has grown up.  He's in that fun stage between a toddler and a preschooler.  And while nothing throws a fit like a 2 year old, nothing giggles like one either.

Akron Zoo
He's into the Toddler Logic phase.  Which is hilarity and insanity and adorable.  I want to remember things like him seeing a Halloween decoration spider on the steps and saying "OH NO MONSTER ACROSS MINE TRACKS!"

Apple Picking
But it's all gone unblogged.


September 16, 2015

Mom's can do it all, right?

So!  First of all.  I AM NOT PREGNANT.  Just had to put that front and center because it seems like the last two times I talked about a vague "big thing" and then disappeared it was because there was a baby involved.  But no.  NOOOOPE.  NO.  To the point where because everyone I know is pregnant I am in the awesome/slightly painful process of purging all of the baby things.  ANYWAYS.

The big thing that caused me to disappear for a bit was that Destination Yarn - my hand dyed yarn company - was a vendor at STITCHESmidwest:
Stitches Midwest 2015

Stitches Midwest 2015
It's one of the biggest knitting shows in the country and is held at an actual convention center.  It was awesome and amazing and I learned SO much about knitting and business and vending and dying.  It was refreshing down to my core and also exhausting.

Stitches Midwest 2015
My "I can't believe I"m doing this!" face
Because of Stitches Destination Yarn has taken off in ways I couldn't have imagined.  Turning this little hobby of mine that was basically just bonus into an actual business and an actual for real job is amazing.  And overwhelming.  And awesome.  And insane.

Stitches Midwest 2015
And I"m going to work my butt off and make sure it really happens because THIS.  This is what I have wanted.  This is the goal I've been vaguely (and at times in a very crooked path) working towards for years now.

Stitches Midwest 2015
But that means that there has been NO balance.  I am all Destination Yarn all the time.  So everything else - with the exception of my kids/husband - has disappeared into a world of non-essentials.  However, I'm learning that there HAS to be balance.  And a balanced version of my life absolutely involves this blog.  I've been doing this for almost a decade now and I missed it sorely.


Plus having creative outlet that isn't all Destination Yarn is healthy and fuels creativity in other areas.


I'm just not sure what that looks like yet.  Honestly, probably like this.  An old school web-journal.  With stuff about my kids that isn't all click-baity (part of my break was fueled by some serious disgust with the world of parenting on the internet.  I may or may not get into that later but suffice it to say you will find no Listicles of Judging here).

There will always be knitting and yarn and travel and Cleveland and whatever is fueling my creative engine at the moment.  I may separate out the business stuff... I might not.  I'm working on figuring all of that out.

But yeah.  Baby steps toward balance.  Baby steps towards doing it all.  By opening up a browser window and writing something today I have at least taken that first, tiny step.  BOOM.


June 3, 2015

Road Trip Prep: PACK ALL THE YARN.

So!   Very soon we leave on an epic road trip.  The kind that Google Maps laughs at you when you type in and just gives you the time it would take to fly there.  Because noone in their right mind wants to drive 1300 miles one way with 3 kids in the car, right?
Shut up, google.

Yes.  We are taking the kids to South Dakota.  By way of Chicago (because our daughter begged us to stop there).  It's going to be epic.  I've never been to this part of the country before so I'm really excited. We've been planning/organizing/practice hiking/packing for what feels like months.  SO MUCH PACKING.  The big question is... how much yarn does one bring for 40 some hours in the car?

Big box o pretty headed out to Knitting on the Square tonight! #destinationyarn #indiedyer #etsyseller #yarnie #handdyedyarn #knit #knitting #operationsockdrawer #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram
I suppose that isn't realistic (although I have been known to sneak yarn in the car under the seats in case of emergency).  So I'm focusing on projects.  Obviously I have to bring my #ALLINCLE socks:

Heel turned, game won. Happiness ensues. #allincle #cavs #knitting #indiedyer #destinationyarn #yarn #handdyedyarn #yarnie #operationsockdrawer #knittersofinstagram #instaknit
Don't even talk about the fact that I will be in South Dakota when Cleveland brings home it's first championship in my lifetime.  I CAN'T EVEN.
But a pair of socks is not going to be enough.  So I dyed up a shiny new colorway that I"m hoping will match a good part of our trip.  Introducing, PRAIRIE:

Prairie Yarn

Prairie Yarn
It's a kettle dyed / stipple dyed colorway.  So it is mainly a total green with a few tiny flicks of dark green throughout.  It is swatching up beautifully:

Prairie Yarn

An epic trip deserves an epic project.  So I'm going to knit this:

Photo from the Ravelry pattern page linked below.
It's the Feather and Fan-tastic pattern that I found while stalking everything knit in fingering weight on Ravelry.  I think it's beautiful.  The lace is enough to keep it interesting without taking away from the yarn.  Plus the wavy-ness of the pattern will mimic the wavy prairie grass.  I like that.
Photo from the Ravelry pattern page linked above.
Also the pattern is based on something that Lady Edith wore on Downton Abbey and she's the bestest so.... yeah.  Had to knit it.
Prairie Yarn

Yay for epic adventures and epic projects!

PS all of this yarn is available at Destination Yarn.
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